Wsus 2016 tips and tricks

This post is sstill under construction. I will try to add new tips and tricks on a semi regular basis

Adding  clients

Below you will find some powershell  commands that can speed up the process of clients connecting or reconnecting to wsus. The commands can be executed remotely,you do not have to login to the server  as long as powershell is enabled and you account has local admin rights on the server.

First you should set the $servername variable to the hostname or ip address:

$servername = "server1"

If you have just changed the policy regarding wsus you can issue the following command to force the remote machine to update its policy information

Invoke-Command -ComputerName $servername -scriptblock {gpupdate /force}

If the server is not listed in the correct client group or is expereincing weird connection issues you can execute the below command. This command forces the wsus client to reset its association  and credentials it uses to connect to wsus. Te client will be reconnected to wsus as if it is the first time it connects.

Invoke-Command -ComputerName $servername -scriptblock {wuauclt /resetauthorization}