Reboot HP printer Using Powershell

We all hate da printa but you have to deal with those mofos whit out mercy.

You don’t trust your users actually restarting/rebooting the printer.  We know they are stupid, just putting the thing to sleep and waking it up again. Sometimes a powercycle is the way to go.

Off course you dont want to walk across the building just to do it right for once.

What if I told ya there is an easier way of rebooting them basterds. I have only tested this on HP multifunctional basterds but it might work on other printers as well.

I will no longer keep you waiting, you only came here for the magic commands well here it is:

$PrinterIP = "PutPrinterIPAddressHERE"
$SNMP = New-Object -ComObject olePrn.OleSNMP
$SNMP.Open($PrinterIP, "public")