Install Btsync with web Interface on Ubuntu/Debian server

About BitTorrent sync,

BitTorrent sync (or btsync as it is now branded) is a very powerfull tool to sync large amounts of data between desktop, mobile and server like devices.

It uses the bit torrent protocol for data transfer but is secured in a way only the people/devices which you share the key with can download/acces or alter your data.

There is a pro version available but in my opinion the free version is good enough for personal use, the only thing extra the pro version adds is more rights/authorization options for a multi user environment.



Add package signing key of Silvenga, a developer who maintains a reasonably up to date Ubuntu repository for Btsync (check out his github here):

apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 992A3C9A3C3DE741

Add the btsync repository:

add-apt-repository "deb any main"
apt-get update

Install btsync

apt-get install btsync

After following the prompts, open your browser to http://SERVERIP:8888/gui/ (if using the default configuration).

Furthermore, by default the WEBUI uses the key and certificate that are found her /etc/btsync/debconf-default.key

Private key:/etc/btsync/debconf-default.key
Certificate: /etc/btsync/debconf-default.crt

if you replace these files with your own certificate and key ssl should shart working as expected on its own, if not try restarting btsync by executing: service btsync restar